The deliciousness of Bridge tofu

Words cannot describe the deliciousness of Bridge tofu. I've been eating it for the past several years and realized I haven't dedicated an entire post to it. (Silly me...)

When I went meat-less, I wasn't looking forward to tofu. I'd only seen and tasted the gelatinous blocks with their impossible-to-open containers and wasn't thrilled for my future dining prospects. Then, I branched out and tried many different brands, and discovered The Bridge's tofu.

This tofu is made using traditional artisan methods, and the company buys its non-GMO, organic beans from Inverness Farm in New York state. Even though The Bridge's tofu and other products, including seitan and amasake, have grown in popularity and are more widely available, its artisan producers make the some of the highest quality foods I've ever had.

Broiled, fried, sauteed, baked, steamed, grilled or incorporated into dips, baked goods or other dishes, The Bridge tofu is excellent and gives new life to a too-often flavorless and unvalued ingredient.

Bonus: Check out The Bridge Web site to find excellent recipes!