Slavery's not romantic - so don't support it this Valentine's!

Chocolate. Vanilla. Flowers. They make for the typical gifts on Valentine's Day. But why not go a step further and make sure that your gifts are fairly traded, environmentally friendly AND delicious?!

Join the Organic Consumers Association in it's "Unchain Your Heart" campaign, an effort to promote the consumption of organic, fair trade and ethically produced chocolates, flowers and other Valentine's treats. Plus, there's some really cute downloadable cards (like the one at right), free project ideas and a comprehensive "buying guide" of where to find humane gifts.

If you must buy something - although we all know homemade is better - here's some of my favorite online retailers:

- If you either don't have the time to cook or bake but want something that tastes delicious, check out Foodzie. If you want farm-fresh taste and not the plastic-y stuff from the grocery store, check out the Local Harvest online store to find a supplier of fruits, veggies and speciality, regional products. (A CSA subscription is pretty sexy...)

- Etsy: I'm obsessed. One of the best places to find unique, hand-crafted presents by talented artisans. Use the site's helpful Gift Guide to narrow your search and ultimately support independent crafters!

- Global Exchange: Find fair trade, socially conscious and beautiful gifts from around the world.

You may have to do rush-delivery on some of these sites to have your orders arrive to by Sunday, but trust me, it's worth it!