Sara Lee the latest company to use organic-washing

It seems like everything is "eco" these days as shown and heard in the number of marketing campaigns by food companies. Leave it to Sara Lee to promote its EarthGrains breads that contain "Eco-Grain," whatever that is, and went on a media rampage to get the word out about the supposed wholesomeness of the product and how it's better than organically produced ingredients. (I love the image from the EarthGrains Web site. As a health-nut, granola eating, treehugger, I definitely should buy the product if "natural" and "Earth" are involved...)

This includes ads on NPR.

A few months ago, when listening to NPR, I heard ads for Monsanto. NPR is listener supported, but who does Monsanto really think it's appealing to? Trying to win over the liberals and progressives?

The Cornucopia Institute released this statement today regarding the latest eco-washing tactics of Sara Lee, and how it has written letters to the presidents of Sara Lee and NPR to suspend advertising, media and underwriting campaigns until company's claims are investigated: Corporate Baking Giant Sara Lee Hijacks Organics