Spreading the 'shroom love

Listen to today's edition of The Colin McEnroe Show to hear mushroom enthusiasts share their thoughts on beloved fungus varieties.

At first, the show was a little mind-numbing, but I stuck it out and did learn a few things. I do love cooking with and eating all different types of mushrooms and didn't know that there is quite the 'shroom culture in Connecticut. Did you know about the Connecticut Valley Mycological Society, otherwise known as the official club for mushroom nerds?

When I think Waterbury, I think a lot of things, but not as a place where mushroom grow. Yet, Gregg Wershoven, owner of Mountain Top Mushrooms, grows a number of high-end different varieties in the basement of an old saw mill (profiled here in a NY Times article).

Chicken of the Woods (pictured at right) is an awesome variety that grows wild and is an excellent substitute for meat. *A word to the wise: Even if you think you know everything about wild mushrooms, check with an expert first, especially if you want to avoid an "Into the Wild"-esque fate.*