Question of the day: Conservative pundits, their large heads + the food they eat

Do you think there's a connection between the bulbous heads of conservative political pundits - who shall remain nameless - and the food they eat?

My reasoning: Their large heads clearly have nothing to do with their brain size, and, yes, there are certainly some portly, outspoken liberals. However, perhaps it's the annoying cries (and, yes, they cry) of their propaganda that actually draw me to look at their faces, but certain conservative media pundits do seem to enjoy bad food a little too much. Maybe it feeds their nonsensical rantings and ego-trips. It makes sense of course: They continue to support and buy food produced by major agribusiness companies, and, though I haven't looked into their campaign contribution patterns, I assume they've given money to their favorite politicians who align themselves with powerful food companies.

What's your take?