Pollan on "On Point"

Does Pollan ever give a bad interview? I was pleasantly surprised to hear him yesterday speaking with Tom Ashbrook of "On Point."

I haven't read "Food Rules" yet - primarily because I have so many other books to read - but all of his "rules" are based on common sense. Sure, if you are just discovering the American and global food system for the first time, they make you think and reassess what you buy and eat. But, even if you are among those people who know this information, they make you feel inspired and want to educate others.

My favorite thing about Pollan: He seems very approachable and realistic. Too often the local or Slow food movements, whatever you call it, are synonymous with rich people. The questions that Ashbrook asked were in conjunction with the times - the poor economy, the devastation in Haiti. Pollan certainly acknowledged these issues, but suggested that individuals can start to make changes to their diets to cause far-reaching impact.

I have heard Pollan speak many times but this time he made me feel hopeful of a new, progressive and widespread food system that will be just for people of all income levels and the environment. Click here to see the transcript and listen to the interview.