The online place for adventurous, discriminating taste: Foodzie

You know that rush you get when you discover an unbelievable find at a thrift store when you weren't expecting to? Well, let's just say Foodzie was my amazing find of the day, and my new obsession.

I came across Foodzie, perhaps the Etsy of the food world, an online marketplace that features any imaginable food product from across the country. Upon exploring the Web site further, it seems to merge the best of your local health food store and farmers' market. There's artisans, local, organic, fair trade, vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free and a wealth of other dietary and/or ethically sensitive categories and options available.

The coolest feature is the "Discover" option, where you can search food sources from local producers and click on an interactive map.

According to the site, Foodzie has been written about in many media sources before. I'm sorry I missed the coverage, but I'm glad I found it! Sign up for the e-newsletter/updates or check the site manically, as I plan to.

UPDATE: Foodzie is mentioned in Celia Barbour's article in the February 2010 issue of "O" Magazine. (And, when I was looking to see if there was a link to the article on Oprah's site, I came across this recipe for a tofu loaf. It looks more delicious than the title suggests. Too many great finds for one day! [I know, it doesn't take a lot!)