Run, don't walk, to see "The Garden"

What happens when politicians care more about kickbacks and clout than their constituents? In the case of hundreds of hispanic families in South Central Los Angeles, it meant that their 14-acre urban farm was demolished by order of its former owner. This devastating story is the focus of the powerful documentary "The Garden."

If you haven't seen it, you need to. Urban farming is more than just a bunch of former hippies coming together to bring farms to the cities. Hardworking people turn to these plots of land for livelihood and an anchor for their communities. It's a shame that heartless, real-life Grinches like Ralph Horowitz took it away from these individuals.

Good news for shoppers though: Since the documentary brought the garden's fate to light, the lot is now being turned into a Forever 21 warehouse! Yikes. One more reason to boycott the company.

Watch the trailer below, and visit the documentary's official site as well as the South Central Farmers site to get updates.