Just a thought...

I know, I have a lot of those. But, as I'm listening to news coverage of Copenhagen and the health care debate, I'm surprised that the link between climate change and health is often absent. Sure, the EPA made the link, but I don't want to hear a causal one, but rather what can be done at a preventable, policy level.

To the dismay of many avid environmentalists, it doesn't look like much is going to come out of Copenhagen. But it's a prime time for the media to cover more stories on the intrinsic connection between, for example, coal extraction and the high instances of upper-respiratory ailments, and pesticide residue from agricultural fields in drinking water and digestive cancers.

These connections are not doomsday propaganda. These situations exist. Everyone deserves access to health care, but at a policy level, lawmakers and political leaders need to make a more pronounced conclusion that poor health is often the end result of poor environmental regulations. Disregard and denial will only exacerbate problems. The planet and it's people are both suffering; it's not fair to make either one of them wait just to see which one of them will fail first.