God, I want to live in Brooklyn

Since I again am working from home and lack a full-time job, I saw "Martha" again today. It's Brooklyn week, and let's just say I really hope I get to live there one day. Sure, it's been gentrified and has become a white person Mecca. Between the urban farms, sustainable restaurants, killer farmers' markets, I'm dying to live there - not now, but at some point while I'm young.

THEN, Martha profiled vendors at the Brooklyn Flea Market. Oh. My. God. It's the thing to do, and being the sheep that everyone knows that I am, I want to do it too. Not really, but I've learned to love thrifting AND I love local food, which has been incorporated into the market in recent years. I also checked out the market's Web site, and there's an indoor market this winter.

I'm also fascinated with urban farming, and would love to work or volunteer at Rooftop Farms. ::hint::hint:: And, I'll need a shopping fix/snack, so Marlow & Sons would be on the itinerary.

Not to mention that Brooklyn is the home base of one of my favorite sites, Etsy.

That's it! I'm Brooklyn bound, at least for a visit. Anyone want in?