Feeding my obsession: Mason jars

Ok. Just a warning: This post isn't for everyone. There's nothing explicit, but a discussion on canning, or specifically on glass jars, may be quite boring. Some may find it a little old fashioned, tedious, nerdy or, yes, matronly. And, I do use the word "Ball," so the innuendos are there; I've tried to eliminate the possible "That's what she said" opportunities. But, for those who can get their heads out of the gutter, keep reading.

Over the last two years, I've been collecting different types of mason jars. I've scoured antique and thrift stores looking for these gems. (I don't pay more than $2.00 on them, depending on their age; Emm, I thought you would be proud.) It's become a borderline obsession, but I swear that I'm not like one of these people - I do package homemade snacks in them to give away, so I know how to let go. I also use the jars for storing grains, seeds and other bulk items in my pantry instead of using plastic containers. And, for their primary purpose, I really got into canning last summer and use new jars for these projects, which, again, I also give away or put up for the winter.

Well, to my surprise, I turned on Martha today - as I am currently looking for a full-time job so I have the luxury of watching TV at 11 a.m. (hint to anyone who wants to hire me!) - she had a whole show on uses of Ball Jars! Of course, I'm one step ahead of Ms. Stewart in this department, but still a good show. Let's just say it made my day a little more worthwhile. Click here to see the segment on the history of Ball Jars; way better than I make it sound, and I'm on the look out for some of the one's featured on the show.

On a side note, I don't feel as self-conscious about my infatuation with glass jars because Martha likes them and it was noted that a younger member of her staff also collects them, so I'm not alone.

I checked out the Ball Web site, and to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the popular home canning jar, there was a canning exhibit this past summer. I wish I knew about it!

Not that I'm looking for a gift or anything, BUT if anyone wants to get me this shirt, it would make a great present...