The new post-Thanksgiving ritual: Dumpster diving, composting and freeganism

When I went to college, I was somewhat horrified about the amount of food that was thrown away by the University and by my peers. We didn't have a composting system - and still don't, though I know one is in the works - and students would slop on almost everything from the buffet line. Fairfield took note and went trayless two years ago, wrote a grant for a dining hall composting system and student groups organized dumpster dives/trash audits. Plans are also in the works for a vegetable garden, prominently featured on one of the main lawns.

Unfortunately, not all institutions or individuals are quick to cut down on food waste. But why? Is it because they don't know, don't want to know or just don't care?

Jonathan Bloom, creator of the blog "Wasted Food," recently appeared on the WNPR show "Where We Live" on an episode called "The Food We Throw Away."

Click on the above links to read Jonathan's blog and here the WWL episode.

Bonus: For all you freegans out there, you get a shout-out.

Forget Black Friday. Dumpster diving date anyone?