From "worm wrangler" to "recycling czar" in a year

It's weird going from reporter to reported: A few months ago, the Connecticut Post ran an article about my roommates and me in regards to our sustainable living project - the Earth House - at Fairfield University. Let's just say I was called the "worm wrangler" and my friends had a field day. Now, in post-grad life, I'm the "recycling czar," according to a new article by the Litchfield County Times. This time, it was in the headline.

Although I cringe when I am singled-out - and having my picture published (ugh!), I am glad this article publicizes and educates people about the "Gimme 5" program and plastics recycling.

Along with the Roxbury Energy Task Force, I am starting a #5-plastic container recycling program for the town. Read the article here to find out details.

If you have questions or comments about the program, post them, and I'll respond!