Food + farming discoveries...

Perhaps I'm single-minded, but food - well, good food - seems to always be on my mind. I love understanding the process of how food is produced, the people behind the cultivation and, of course, spreading the word about learning to take back our food. And, there seems to be much more on the topic of food in the mainstream and alternative press.

- I came across this really cool program from Indiana Public Radio called "Earth Eats." Although the podcasts are really short, it's worth subscribing to on iTunes.

- Mother Nature Network put out a feature called "40 farmers under 40," an article about young farmers and food enthusiasts across the country. It is SO important to understand that farming will not survive without a new generation of young farmers. In my last post about food movies, I realized that in addition to people reconizing that they eat terrible food, another huge issue left out of these food docs is that more land needs to be set aside for farming, AND it needs to be made affordable or at least accessible to young farmers. Without this access, the organic, biodynamic food movement will not be sustainable.