Additions to "speak with your food"

To my loyal readers - ha, if there are any of you - you'll notice that "the reGreen" has changed to "speak with your food." Why? While I am far from alone in my thinking, I am a firm believer that food is at the core of everything we do. It gives us energy, serves as the basis for many social gatherings and can be as contentious a political issue as any other. Food is also a way for people to become an active member of society. The phrase "eat local, act global" has become an overused one, however, it does suggest the growing importance of cultivating viable local economies and communities. This local food thing has been seen as pretentious, elitist and, unfortunately, unimportant in comparison to larger issues.

The point of this blog is to hopefully bring readers knowledge about the exciting changes to the American and global food systems. What we eat is just as important as remembering to vote. How we educate ourselves on the edible world makes us more politically and socially aware. The links and commentary I provide is, well, obviously biased, but all of it is meant to inform, spark discussion and encourage people to speak with their food!

In addition to links, I plan to post everyday, including anecdotes from my job on an organic farm and vegan recipes. It seems that in a world of fast, mass produced and flavorless food, good grub is difficult to find. So, I plan to write restaurant reviews. Vegans and vegetarians, especially on the East Coast, may find these helpful, as it is not always easy to find food other than a veggie burger (and not always good ones!).

So, that's where the blog is headed, and please comment with additional ideals. Enjoy!