ConAgra + Monsanto: "Sustainable" companies supporting NPR

I'm a self-proclaimed NPR nerd, and I listen to it almost everyday, if not everyday. But, over the past few weeks, I've noticed that certain segments are supported by agribusiness giants ConAgra and Monsanto. Their vague ads say they are committed to "sustainable" growing - whatever that means in factory farm speak.

I realize NPR, American Public Media and Public Radio International are public and listener-supported. It was just ironic that within the same hour of a ConAgra plug, there were two interesting segments on the e-waste industry in Mexico and the trials of one man and his family to live frugally, including the introduction of a home vegetable garden.

I don't know what individuals ConAgra or Monsanto believes they are going to attract, but their "sustainable" messages seem to be ineffective to people like me.