E May/June issue + mercury in your food

I just wrapped up an awesome internship with E/The Environmental Magazine, and, as part of my loyalty to the publication and the great people who work there, I wanted to give some free publicity and encourage readers to go out and buy the May/June issue, on stands now. Check out some really interesting stories, including the tiny houses trend, the greening of baseball and an article about the presence of mercury in high fructose corn syrup (yes, that one is by me).

The story about mercury in HFCS is a trend I have been following for the past few months, and it is really bothersome, especially since not that people know about the report by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. Whether or not companies choose to recognize the report is not the issue; I still have a problem with that fact that there is an inherent flaw in our food system that still allows food in question to remain on the shelves. I may be stating the obvious here, but I'm not really cool with mercury in or near my food. 

If you feel as passionate about stopping mercury protection in food, please sign a petition by clicking here.