Revving up for Earth Week with #5's + Denim...

The first Earth Week that I remember at Fairfield was somewhat anti-climactic. There weren't that many activities. Students didn't seem to care - what a surprise. But, it seems like apathy can't be used as an excuse this year, as there appears to be an endless number of events at the University this year, many of them largely driven by students.

The door of our Earth House has become quite literally the poster-child for on-campus events. Both of Fairfield's environmental groups - the Student Environmental Association and the Green Campus Initiative - have done a tremendous job compiling projects and re-thinking Earth Day. For a complete list of Earth Week activities, click here to download brief write-ups on the events or, if you have Facebook, join the Fairfield "Earth Week" event page.

Also, in Earth House news, we finally launched the Gimme 5 program on campus! The bins look really cool and they are finally out of our kitchen, which is great. I hope community mem
bers utilize them and realize what a great program Preserve has started. Fairfield remains one of the only universities in the country to have such a program. My only fear right now is contamination, so people need to read the signs and not put dirty #5 plastic containers (i.e. yogurt, hummus and other containers - just look on the bottom for the recycle symbol) in the bins.

I also found out about a Denim Drive through  the Center for Green Building in Bridgeport, Conn., in which old jeans are collected and then turned into housing insulation. My brother Zach was kind - and patient - enough to help and canvas the campus today with flyers on the drive. We will be working with the Center to collect jeans on campus during the week through Sunday, April 26. The program is through Cotton Incorporated, as part of the COTTON. BLUE TO GREEN denim drive.

Here's hoping to a fun week...