Empire State Building to be revamped

The famed Empire State Building in NYC is getting a much-needed renovation to be more energy efficient. 

The renovation is expected to cost $500 million, and the entire endeavor has an estimated completion time of 2013. A spokeperson for the landmark said that the renovation will satisfy Gold LEED certification requirements. 

Among the elements to be refurbished to save the building a significant amount of energy will be its windows and lighting elements. Each floor and division within the building will also be encouraged to satisfy their own lists of energy-saving guidelines.

Finally. America is catching on, and in a highly visible way. "Green" is not just the flavor of the week, but a way to actually save money and resources. In other words, its just a smarter, efficient and peaceful way for people and places to function. If only architects, corporations and industry got on this bandwagon a long time ago...