Amazing weekend

We could not have asked for better weather at Fairfield University for our end of Earth Week festivities. It was incredibly warm today, reaching the upper 80s - thank you global warming. 

SEA did an awesome job with the Earth Week picnic and concert. The food was almost all local - definitely a plus - and the student performers drew in a crowd. The weather was also in our favor. 

The EcoFair went pretty well, despite generally uninterested students - seriously, can students pretend to be interested at least a little, especially when we have guests on campus?

A special thanks to: The Center for Green Building, The Fairfield Green Food Guide, E/The Environmental Magazine, The Green Living Centre, Earth Place, Connecticut Fund for the Environment and Maritime Motors. It was awesome having local business owners and activists willing to come to campus and educate the University community. Hopefully we can find ways to bolster participation next year.

Pictures from the event to come.