Kristof does article series on pigs + pork

Renowned NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof just wrote two terrific articles on meat safety - specifically pork - and how it is handled in the U.S. (Read "Pathogens in Our Pigs, Our Food, Our Health" and "Pathogens in Our Pork")

Given the number of instances of food safety raised within the past few months - salmonella in peanut butter, mercury in high fructose corn syrup - Americans need to know what is going into their food.

We need more brilliant and mainstream columnists like Kristof to give time - and space - to important food issues, especially the hazards of agribusiness and factory farming. 

To listeners of Chicago Public Radio's "This American Life," you may enjoy this segment on the experience of one film crew as they visit a pig farm in Iowa. Download the episode from the Showtimes series of the radio show from iTunes.