Power Shift 2009

There seems to be a ton of opportunities available to activists today. People, especially students, are really getting involved in the political process. It's about time!

Today marks the start of Power Shift 2009, a national youth summit in Washington, D.C. that allows students and interested young people the opportunity to attend different workshops, voice their concerns, and listen and converse will fascinating and like-minded individuals and public players. 

Taking place in the middle of Obama's 100 days, this four-day event (with the last day on March 2), an estimated 10,000 young Americans will go the the capital and hold elected officials to their promises. Their mission: "Reclaiming our future through bold climate and clean energy policy."

Although it's too late to register, visit Power Shift 2009 for updates from the conference and helpful resources to find out the ways in which you can get involved.