National Teach-In: A exciting day of dialogue

Today is the annual National Teach-In: The National Day of Engagement on climate change and global warming discussions and solutions. It's an exciting day of ongoing dialogue, gathering together millions of Americans, especially students, to discuss and propose policy for their universities, state and nation. 

If young people proved anything in the election of President Obama is that they do care about the issues. The "environment" is a fairly broad term, however, climate change and global warming are increasingly on the minds of many Americans and they are eager to actually do something about it!

Fairfield is doing its own part in it's first Climate Week, a three-day forum that engages students, faculty, administrators and community members on proactive solutions to combating climate change on an institutional, state and national level.

Fortunately, many communities and academic institutions are weaving the one-day teach-in into a week - and even month's - worth of panel discussions. To find out where you can attend a national Teach-In event, click here