And the list goes on...

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the peanut butter recall. At that point, only a few companies were pulling products thought to contain peanut butter or peanut butter paste contaminated by salmonella. 

I checked the FDA site again, and the list of products and companies is exceedingly long. 

Clearly, these companies are erring on the side of caution and pulling products from production and shelves in order to put customers' minds at ease. But, this outbreak has made many people question the quality of the brands of which they have been loyal. While I am not saying this contamination was done deliberately, there needs to be higher standards and stringent regulations of production plants. Fortunately, I don't eat a lot - if any - of the foods that are on the recall list, but the majority of Americans do. Consumers want and need to assume that the food that they consume is safe.

I've always been wary about the mass production of food. Now this only furthers my concerns. 

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