Putting Food By

One of my projects while living in the Earth House and for the duration of my senior year at Fairfield is trying to living on a local and vegan diet. Over the summer, I was fortunate to work on an organic farm and to work with some really cool people who knew how to preserve food. 

For the average person, preserving food is something done automatically through canned or frozen foods bought at the grocery store. Yet, canning and preserving is ancient hobby or task done by many people. Especially with the local food movement becoming more popular, people turn to food canning, preserving and storing so they can enjoy food not readily accessible during the winter.

There was an awesome article in The New York Times this weekend about how some people are storing food in their city apartments.

Also, another great book, for those people who are interested in learning about the science of canning - mainly because canning is extremely dangerous if you don't know the proper temperatures or have the right equipment - is Putting Food By

With the harvest season in New England quickly coming to a close, get preserving and enjoy your food in the winter months!