Green monsters? Eccentrics?

The New York Times had a really great article in its Style section about those who take "extreme" measures to lower their carbon footprint. 

The individuals profiled in this article are really committed to making a difference in their own lives when it comes to living a low-impact lifestyle. While it sounds cliche, they are all prime examples of how we should all be living. 

As the article points out, small actions are better than doing nothing. However, becoming more eco-conscious requires changes in lifestyle. As a college student, I know there are challenges in living environmentally friendly, especially in the university setting. While it has been difficult at Fairfield to practice a vegan diet or deal with infrastructure issues (i.e. lack of composting facilities), I have never had to compromise my own beliefs on environmental issues in student life. If anything, the Earth House is proof of wanted to change these issues.

Ultimately,  out of these challenges, awareness and discussion become the crux of the environmental movement and making "green" more than a trend. These individuals and families are proof that you can still have fun and live a non-deprived life without letting go of your concerns and proactive approaches to sustainable, low-impact living.