Eat up: Keep buying + supporting local

Today I went to the Fairfield Farmers' Market, sponsored by Wholesome Wave, located in the Fairfield Theater Company's parking lot. For a small market, it has a great selection of organic veggies, fruit, artisan cheeses, handmade and green gifts, teas and, most important, really great and informative farmers and growers. 

Eating local is something that is incredibly important to me. Buying and supporting local farmers is good for you and the environment. Many locally grown products do not utilize pesticides, though local does not necessarily connote pesticide-free. Just ask the vendor and they will tell you. Also, since farmers only travel a short distance from farm to market, the food itself has a significantly lower carbon footprint. 

If you haven't gone to farmers' markets in the area recently or have never been, I strongly encourage you to go before the growing season is over! (Most markets are over at the end of October, if not definitely before Thanksgiving.)

If you are in the Fairfield Country area, visit Wholesome Wave markets, in Connecticut: BuyCTGrown, or for nationwide locations, go to Local Harvest.

Happy eating!