"Gimme 5"

One of our primary goals at the Earth House is to not only make changes that will decrease our overall footprint on the planet, but also to evoke conversation and subsequent action in our local and global community. One of the easiest, most common ways to do this is to recycle.

So, after a few inquiries to an eco-minded company, here's some exciting news, and not just for eco-geeks like me...

A few weeks ago, the company Recycline announced a new program called "Gimme 5," which will allow individuals, families and communities to send their collections of clean #5 plastics - yogurt, take-away and microwave containers - to the company in order to make it's Preserve line of of products (i.e. razors, toothbrushes, etc.). 

Why is this a big deal? For one, #5 plastics usually go in the garbage, piling up in landfills. Many states, including Connecticut, do not have the infrastructure in place to accept and process #5 plastics. Further, Recycline's program now makes it easier to individuals contribute their recyclables. In its original inception, Recycline had donation centers sporadically set up throughout the U.S. that were not convenient for people wanting to donate their #5 plastics. 

I encourage you to start saving your #5s and also to get your family, friends, town/city and possibly your state on board!

For more information, go to "Gimme 5."